IMM Group gave wings to poor students’ dreams of higher education


On May 21st, 2016, IMM Group awarded scholarships to support 200 students from poor families in Vinh Long Province in the upcoming University entrance examination. The fundraising effort led by IMM Group was a success with the participation of Bartra Real Estate Management Group, Ireland and 8th Bridge Capital Consulting and Management Corporation. The total amount of donation was up to VND 100 million.


To students with “out of reach” dreams …

IMM Group: Being born and raised in Vinh Long, Mr. Tinh Tran (Tony), Chairman of the Board of IMM Group has seen many cases that senior students had to drop out of high schools, or abandon the chance to universities due to the difficult family situations. In his personal experience, Mr. Tinh also made a lot of efforts to attend school in the situation that his father was disabled, and his whole family was, at that time, had to rely on a single load of tofu just to get by.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tinh said that although attending university was not the only way to success, still, it opened the door to a variety of opportunities for better life and career. That inspired Mr. Tinh and his family to build up and sustain the donation for students in need, in order to encourage them to pursue higher education. Since then, the scholarship program has expanded with the growth of IMM Group, receiving generous support from partners to reach and help more and more of those in needs. This year, IMM Group upheld the tradition and organized “Good luck on your university dream!” scholarship program, giving financial assistance and encouraging poor students in Vinh Long Province prior to the upcoming University entrance examination.

dreams of higher education


Up to 200 students benefiting from “Good luck on your university dream!”

This year, IMM Group led the initiative with support from Bartra Real Estate Management Group of Ireland and 8th Bridge Capital Consulting and Management Corporation. The scholarship granting ceremony was held in two places including Binh Minh High School (Binh Minh Town) and Tan Quoi High School (Binh Tan District), with the participation of students from schools in the neighborhood. The list of schools receiving support comprised of Binh Minh High School (Thanh Phuoc Ward, Binh Minh Town), Hoang Thai Hieu High School (Cai Von Ward, Binh Minh Town), Continuing Education Center of Binh Minh Town, Tan Quoi High School (Tan Quoi Commune, Binh Tan District), Tan Luoc High School (Tan Luoc Commune, Binh Tan District), My Thuan Secondary and High School (My Thuan Commune, Binh Tan District).

The program granted 200 scholarships with the value of VND 500.000 per each to help cover a part of travel and accommodation expenses for the students during the University entrance examination. Hope that the amount could help students and families to not give up on their education dream.

dreams of higher education


Sharings from IMM Group Staff

IMM Group staff were pleased to take part in preparation and organization of the meaningful ceremony. “We’re happy to take part in charity and voluntary activities with the company,” said Mr. Alex Tran, Head of File Processing, IMM Immigration.

In addition to IMM Group’s good remuneration policies, the corporate philosophy for the best sake of community’s development is another factor that keeps us together and boosts our loyalty”.

Speaking at the scholarship granting ceremony, Mr. Sau, Mr. Tinh’s father was emotional reminiscing about his orphaned childhood and his suffering from hemiplegia after an unexpected accident. Despite his challenges, Mr. Sau beat the odds and raised his children to become good citizens, also contributed to the local charity and participated in voluntary activities. After singing some “vong co” (traditional tune) with the optimistic spirit of Vietnamese Southern people, Mr. Sau advised all students that they should not surrender their difficult circumstances, because there would be no gain without pain.

Sharing about this charity and voluntary activity, Mr. Tinh said his career development was motivated by his willingness to alter his own family future and also to contribute to the country. He hopes the students will take his case as an example, so that they will not give up on their higher education opportunities and try their best to overcome difficulties for a better future for themselves and for their own families.

dreams of higher education





Bạn thấy bài viết có hữu ích không?


“Have Yourself A Happy Little Tet” – IMM Group’s first charitable campaign of 2018

On February 10, 2018, when many families in Vietnam were busy with preparations for Tet – Vietnam’s Lunar New Year holiday – the charity team of IMM Group visited the rural commune of Ninh Quoi in Hong Dan District, Bac Lieu Province in southern Vietnam on a mission to bring Tet to 150 local students who live in poverty.

A poor tofu boy gives advice for startups

"If you want to build a startup, with only passion, it will be stuck, going around and around. That passion is temporary: Today you go for one thing, tomorrow it would turn to another. Passion must go along with motivation to become strong.  Pressure and challenges can mold that passion into success". This is the sincere philosophy of Mr. Tran Van Tinh, Founder and CEO of IMM Group.

IMM Group and M&D Regional Center join hands to promote educational opportunity for unfortunate children

On the 13th and 14th of November 2015, IMM Group has organized a volunteer program called "Mong em đến trường" (Hope you stay with schooling) in the town of Binh Minh, Vinh Long Province. The program was designated by IMM Group, in collaboration with M & D Regional Center.

A tofu boy to the founder of IMM Group

From a little boy who sold tofu and lottery tickets on the street, Tran Van Tinh is a self-made man that built IMM Group from empty hands.

From good deeds to the IMM Group’s business philosophy

“Good deeds” simply means good, kind things. Practicing good deeds will help a part of our mind to become more kind. A good mind will also help our actions become more kind.

Frequently missing class, student gets extra jobs to help cure his father’s disease

According to a Tuoi Tre article reporting on the difficult situation of Phan Thanh Binh, a needy student from the Vo Van Kiet high school in Phu Yen province, Vietnam, Mr. Tran Van Tinh, the IMM Group's Chairman of the Board of Directors, has decided to help him get through this difficult stage of his life.

200 presents to underprivileged lives

Continuing their series of charitable activities, on July 12 2014, the IMM Group granted 200 presents to the poor in Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province, Vietnam.

A merciful heart is unfathomable

On a trip coming back to Vinh Long to visit his parents at the beginning of 2013, Mr. Tran Van Tinh, the IMM Group's founder, witnessed such a pitiful situation that he is always moved whenever he mentions it.

50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

The program which granted 50 scholarships supporting needy students in Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province, Vietnam, to take their university entrance exams was the IMM Group's largest charitable activity in 2012 after many years of the company carrying out programs in this area.

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