About IMM Group


IMM Group’s founder, Mr. Tran Van Tinh, was born and grew up in the riverside area of Cai Von, Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province. His parents were originally poor farmers without schooling and they had to experience the chaotic war time. They earned a living by working as hired low-skilled labour, then farming and finally making tofu. In 1989, his father had an accident leaving him a paraplegic since then. Therefore, at the age of 9, Mr. Tinh began earning money to help his family in different ways such as selling lottery tickets, making tofu, raising pigs etc. His childhood were just days of working hard from early dawn till late at night.

Working hard but still trying to study, he and his two brothers could finish high school. In 2000, he came to Saigon for university studies. However, he spent a lot of time doing part-time jobs. First, he delivered newspapers. Later, he worked as a waiter and then a tutor. Aged 19, he took up a full-time job as an office worker. Besides, he taught himself computer science as well as programming. He started up a company twice in the industry of information technology but failed.

In 2004, Mr. Tinh had a chance to provide services of setting up a representative office in Vietnam to Mr. William (Bill) Gadd, who is from Canada. Everything went smoothly and they became friends. At the time, Canada had presented the Quebec Immigrant Investor program. Finding immigration consulting services had not been supplied in Vietnam yet, Mr. Tinh and Mr. Gadd decided to cooperate in setting up a company which specialized in Canada immigration consulting services.

In 2005, Mr. Tinh separated to start his own company, Immigration Co., Ltd. The company has gradually developed into IMM Group today with many subsidiaries. The brand name of IMM, the acronym of the first company’s name, is kept as a memento of starting-up of IMM Group.

Read Mr. Tran Van Tinh’s biography at www.tonytinh.me and the summary of his career path at Vnexpress: http://bit.ly/TonyTinh.


At the beginning, Immigration Co., Ltd had only one employee who was the founder! Its office was located right in Mr. Tinh’s rented room for students. The company supplied consulting services about the Canada immigrant investor programs.

After more than a decade with many chances of relocation, from a small alley to big streets, the head office has become bigger and bigger. In 2016, the IMM Group’s building in Ho Chi Minh city was opened with an area of more than 1.500sqm. Besides, there are IMM offices in Ha Noi, Australia, and the USA. The number of employees has risen to 130. The operation has been broadened to include more fields: immigrant investor programs for the USA, Australia, Europe; the USA and Australia property investment; the USA and Australia investment funds; FDI, travel and study abroad services etc. In its portfolio, IMM Group has supplied consulting services to more than 500 investors who have invested about 150 million US dollars.


Established Immigration Co., Ltd, the founder in charge of all tasks, office located in his rented room for students


Relocated to Phan Dang Luu street, Phu Nhuan District, 20sqm office, one employee – Supplied consulting services about the Canada immigrant investor programs


Relocated to Tran Dinh Xu street, District 1, 40sqm office, 3 employees – The Australia immigrant investor programs added


Relocated to Dien Bien Phu street, 8 employees – The USA immigrant investor program EB-5 added


Established office in Ha Noi


Relocated to Vo Van Kiet street, District 1, 35 employees – The Europe immigrant investor programs added


Australia property, travel and study abroad services added


Relocated to the IMM Group building of more than 1,500sqm, establishing more offices in Australia and USA


USA property services and USA/ Australia investment funds added


FDI into Vietnam services added


130 employees, 4 offices, more than 500 Vietnamese investors consulted, managed investment up to about 150 million US dollars


IMM Group emphasizes sustainable enterprise development, enhancing the quality and values of our human resources, as well as beneficial contribution to our community. We set three Key Missions that anchor the purpose of our existence:

1. To develop a successful and sustainable Asian organization.

The sustainable development here refers to stability in finance, in human factor, in products and services quality.
Finance is one of the most important factors in individual and corporate life, and this rule is applied for IMM Group’s business. One of the anchors for our corporate existence is profitable business with can we provide for the material satisfaction of our employees , and then contribute to our community development and raise the group’s position in Asia. Beyond solid finances, sustainable development also depends on products and services quality, ethical values and professionalism. These factors enable us to earn the trust from our clients, crystallize prestige and values for IMM brand.


2. To nurture individual values of each member in cohesion with our Corporate Core Values

At IMM Group, we understand that the development of each member is a harmonious combination of good human qualities and societal ethics. We care for the happiness of each IMM Group member by way of offering them benefits commensurate with responsibilities and works performed and in line with developing their personal values in life. We believe in our corporate motive of facilitating a work-life balance, allowing our employees the space and resources to advance their career while at the same time striving for personal satisfaction in leading a purposeful, meaningful and happy life.

In doing so, we also connect the values of each individual with our corporate values, with these positive energy resonating and spreading to the community around us.


3. To contribute towards enhancing the self-respect and advancement of Vietnamese people in the global community, and to grow IMM's Charitable Foundation to help the less fortunate people in Vietnam.

Nourishing individual development with IMM Group’s corporate development, we are convinced that we could foster positive influences towards our national and global community. We shall contribute towards enhancing the self-respect of Vietnamese people in the global community, and build a lasting legacy for future generations. Each individual in the company shall be successful in their own way, and then contribute positive influences to not only the society but also the subsequent generations. This planted small seed of positivity shall reverberate across the society over time.

Upon achieving stable financials as well as gaining success and a sense of purpose in life, IMM Group and its members will be able to offer greater contribution to our community in terms of money, experience and knowledge so as to build a better life, a better society and a better world. Through IMM charitable fund, we shall offer essential contributions to the community through charity programs and social development activities. The IMM charitable fund aims to kindle compassion among our employees through awareness of issues facing the society as well as providing financial and social support to disadvantaged people in Vietnam. Joy and happiness cannot truly exist in a superficial and selfish way. Happiness will not last long if we lack the sense of contribution and sharing with others. Everlasting joy and happiness is when we are able to instill values that transcend beyond our own private self and leave a legacy for our future generations.




IMM Group adheres to ethical principles and sustainable development as our core values. We insist on integrating our collective values with the values of each individual as the basis for everything we do. IMM Group operates on the basis of compliance with the law, upholding honesty and integrity. In respect to our customers, we listen carefully and consider them as our kin to serve them as best as we can. In respect to our partners, we aim to build a sustainable relationship with high level of integrity, sharing mutual values and benefits as well as contribute to bringing the best benefits for our clients. For the society, our work shall contribute to the general development of our society – by developing our people and through our charity work. IMM Group’s Foundation has been built based on the trust and confidence of our customers and partners, in concert with our core values. We put ourselves in the position of our customers and partners to always understand, share and relate to them conscientiously in every situation.



IMM Group’s business philosophies throughout our 15 years of operation can be summarized into the slogan “Inside Out”. This message fully represents all and every aspect of the group, from history, core values, culture, mission, internal and external relationships. The reciprocity between internal and external factors of IMM Group helps to shape and influence the development of the Group.

Inspired from our founder’s past story, from being a street lottery ticket seller, a newspaper deliverer, a waiter, to finally establish a business in a small bedsit with almost no cash investment in 2005 (the ‘Inside’ aspect), IMM Group has made the most of its internal capacities to externally develop without any boundary or limitation (the ‘Out’ aspect).

In terms of the reciprocity between the “Inside Out” philosophy and the values, IMM Group always emphasizes on the real, inside value of each individual of the group, and applies genuine moral value (Inside) in business activities, customer services and in creating partnership with external partners (Out).

In the aspect of mission, IMM Group focuses on balancing between internal goals as to create a corporation in which all employees are happy (Inside); to establish a charitable foundation to help the unfortunate (Inside) and external goals as to provide service satisfaction (Out); to contribute towards enhancing the self-respect and the advancement of Vietnamese people in the global community (Out).

For culture, people and lifestyle, IMM Group focuses on personal development and humanity, from the smallest aspects such as the behaviors and habits (Inside) that contribute towards the success and development of the Group as a whole (Out).


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