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IMM Group’s founder, Mr. Tran Van Tinh, was born and grew up in the riverside area of Cai Von, Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province.

His parents were initially poor farmers without schooling, and they had to experience the chaotic wartime. They earned a living by working as hired low-skilled labor, then farming, and finally making tofu. In 1989, his father had an accident leaving him a person with paraplegia since then. Therefore, at the age of 9, Mr. Tinh began earning money to help his family in various ways, such as selling lottery tickets, making tofu, raising pigs, etc. His childhood was just days of working hard from early dawn till late at night.

Working hard but still trying to study, he and his two brothers could finish high school. In 2000, he came to Saigon for university studies. However, he spent a lot of time doing part-time jobs. First, he delivered newspapers. Later, he worked as a waiter and then a tutor. Aged 19, he took up a full-time job as an office worker. Besides, he taught himself computer science as well as programming. He started up a company twice in the industry of information technology but failed.

In 2004, Mr. Tinh had a chance to provide services of setting up a representative office in Vietnam to Mr. William (Bill) Gadd, who is from Canada. Everything went smoothly, and they became friends. At the time, Canada had presented the Quebec Immigrant Investor program. Finding immigration consulting services had not been supplied in Vietnam yet, Mr. Tinh and Mr. Gadd decided to cooperate in setting up a company specializing in Canada immigration consulting services.

In 2005, Mr. Tinh separated to start his own company, Immigration Co., Ltd. The company has gradually developed into IMM Group today with many subsidiaries. IMM’s brand name, the acronym of the first company’s name, is kept as a memento of IMM Group’s starting-up.

Find more the biography and sharings of Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh) on his personal page: https://tonytinh.me/ and his fanpage: facebook.com/tonytinh


The story of IMM Group’s founder emphasizes our belief to choose this field of business. Although Tony Tinh came from a humble background and a country that is still struggling to reduce poverty rate, he believes that Vietnamese people are not  inferior  as some racist views suppose. In fact, the Vietnamese can also do great things like other peoples in the world and deserve to have a good life in a civilized society like developed countries.

Therefore, we believe that successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs should have free access to new opportunities all over the globe. Reaching out to the world will consolidate Vietnamese people’s position internationally and make a change to our children’s future.

In the 21st century, entrepreneurs are considered a frontline force due to their greatest contribution  to the community in terms of finance as well as opportunities. In fact, it is freedom that has helped them achieve greater and greater successto lead the world’s advance. Freedom covers 4 aspects:

  • Freedom of global mobility: Successful entrepreneurs deserve the freedom of global mobility. They can decide on the most convenient time to travel around the world on business or holiday without being hindered by visa application procedures
  • Freedom of global finance: Successful people need tools to diversify their investment portfolios without borders and distribute finance in the safest way for their descendants. Additionally, their privacy must be completely protected.
  • Freedom to acquire global knowledge and education: Entrepreneurs should have the chance to broaden their international learning opportunities. Moreover, their children also need access to world-class education to freely realize their full potential.
  • Freedom to decide on their lives: The ability to take advantage of opportunities will bring successful people the freedom to choose where to live. When they can work, do business, etc. in a society that matches their interests and aspirations, they can develop themselves and their careers in their best own way.
Đầu tư định cư - tự do đi lại toàn cầu


In the beginning, Immigration Co., Ltd had only one employee who was the founder! Its office was located right in Mr. Tinh’s rented room for students. The company supplied consulting services about the Canada immigrant investor programs.

After more than a decade with many chances of relocation the head office has become bigger and bigger from a small alley to big streets. In 2016, the IMM Group’s building in Ho Chi Minh city was opened with an area of more than 1.500sqm. Besides, there are IMM offices in Ha Noi, Australia, and the USA. The number of employees has risen to 130. The operation has been broadened to include more fields: immigrant investor programs for the USA, Australia, Europe; the USA and Australia property investment; the USA and Australia investment funds; FDI, travel, and study abroad services, etc. In its portfolio, IMM Group has supplied consulting services to more than 500 investors who have invested about 150 million US dollars.

  • On 15 January 2005: Establishing Immigration Co., Ltd – 1 employee (the founder),  the office located in his rented room for students.
  • Starting with providing consultancy service in the Canadian immigrant investor programs.

  • Relocating to a 20-square-meter office on Phan Dang Luu Street, Phu Nhuan District.
  • One more employee hired.

  • Relocating to a 40-square-meter office on Tran Dinh Xu Street, District 1 with 3 employees.
  • Added consultancy service: Australian Residence by investment programs.

  • Relocating to an 85-square-meter office on Dien Bien Phu Street with 8 employees.
  • Added consultancy service: EB-5 immigrant investor program.

  • Establishing a branch office in Ha Noi.


  • Relocating to an office on 328 Vo Van Kiet street, District 1 with 35 employees.
  • Being the first Vietnamese consultancy to bring the Portugal Golden Visa program to Vietnam in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of Portugal.

  • Adding fields of business: Australia real estate, travel and study abroad. The Greece Golden Visa Program included in immigration services.

  • Opening the IMM Group building of more than 1,500 square meters at No. 99 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3.
  • Establishing branch offices in Australia and USA.
  • Being the first company to promote the Irish Immigrant Investor Program in Vietnam and support the first successful Vietnamese case in 2017.


  • Adding consultancy services:  the Cyprus immigrant investor program; Australia and USA real estate; FDI into Vietnam.

  • 130 employees with 4 main offices.
  • Adding consultancy services: the citizenship by investment programs of Turkey, Montenegro, Grenada, Malta and Malta Residence By Investment Program.

  • Added consultancy services: the citizenship by investment programs of Saint Kitts & Nevis and Dominica.
  • Being the first and only company in Vietnam to obtain the following achievements:
    • Being licensed by the Governments of three countries Grenada, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Dominica to promote their citizenship by investment programs of.
    • Becoming the official member of IMC – Investment Migration Council.
    • Becoming the Official member of IIUSA – Invest in the USA regarding the EB-5 Regional Center Program. 
    • Having a team of case processing consultants certified by IMC – Investment Migration Council.


IMM Group focuses on sustainable enterprise development, improvement in human resources’ quality and values, and beneficial contribution to the community. Our existence has been anchored in the following 3 missions:

1. Maintaining the position as the most reliable immigration consultancy in Vietnam

Founded in January 2005, IMM Group has been apioneer with the longest history in the fieldof investment consultancy for permanent residency and citizenship. Our primary goal is to become the most reliable immigration consultancy in Vietnam.

We have a clear orientation for our path to go and strictly follow our founder’s principles, professional ethics, and core values​​. Having accumulated  experience over many years in the immigration industry, we know what to do to minimize risks to our clients and we always choose the best options for them under all circumstances.


2. Developing sustainably

There are three factors for sustainable development, which are sustainable finances, sustainable human resources, and sustainable quality of products and services.

Sustainable development must be based on sustainable factors. Those are good values ​​in business, including integrity, sincerity, professional ethics, and service quality. To ensure our service quality, we definitely never  exploit opportunities for profit recklessly. 

Sustainable development also means that we build a team of employees with many good values. We believe that people with good values ​​will always work diligently and take care of every detail to ensure our clients’ benefits.


3. Building a community of positive attitudes towards a valuable and meaningful way of living.

IMM Group understands that every member’s sustainable development is a harmony of personal quality and social morality. We provide our employees with great opportunities to develop themselves, to fulfill their career path, and to find a sense of purpose which is meaningful and positive.

With the development of each individual in particular and the group in general, IMM Group believes that we can make a positive impact on society together. Each individual in the company can be a successful person, thereby contributing to the development of the society and the next generation. The principle of exponential influence will help this positive impact grow stronger and stronger.

Joy and happiness cannot genuinely exist personally and selfishly. It cannot last long either if we lack a sense of contribution and sharing with others. Such mindset shapes the strategy of IMM Group and our members to use our finance, experience, and knowledge to contribute to the community for a better life, society, and world. When establishing the charitable organization named Be Better Foundation, we hope to change many disadvantaged children’s lives and future. That is also one of the reasons for our existence. 



Serving by authentic values - Phục vụ bằng Giá trị Chân chính


IMM Group’s slogan is “Serving by Authentic Values”. It is the fact that nothing is absolute and perfect. However, based on the company’s origin and cultural values ​​as well as the founder’s mission, IMM Group commits and develops the orientation for the entire group to provide services following real and righteous values.

Serving by Authentic Values signifies:

For customers:

  • The whole Board of Directors and staff thoroughly understand the idea of providing services for business but under the principle of sincere and honest, not “money comes first”.
  • Do not distort the truth to take advantage of customers.
  • Do not use vague, exaggerated, or ostentatious advertising to attract customers.
  • Do not make illicit benefits from difficulties, opportunities or needs of customers.
  • Do not treat customers as a business tool, but as benefactors and friends to understand, share with and support.
  • Do not insist, entice or force customers to use the service with deceptive tricks.
  • Sincerely apologize to the customer in case of mistakes, quickly come up with reasonable solutions for the situation, and always ensure fairness and rationality for the customer. 
  • Do not make benefits directly or indirectly from customer’s visual information for marketing purposes, and always serve customers with absolute protection for confidential and private information.
  • If possible, always prioritize helping customers in urgent and difficult situations instead of following a rigid service process.
  • Discuss honestly the involved risks and opportunities with the customers and clearly answer about the possibility of failure/success of the case.

For partners:

  • The business is not for the aim of high profit and ignoring the risk factors for customers, though the products are not as good as that of the marketing partners.
  • Refuse to cooperate with a partner whose work is considered to pose a high risk to the customers.
  • Refuse to cooperate with a partner whose products brought back to Vietnam lack legitimacy, have dishonest information, or carry potential risks for customers.
  • Use the criteria of good, safe, sustainable and honest values ​​​​to choose partners instead of relying on a brand’s image and reputation.



IMM Group’s business philosophy is summarized in the following statement made by our CEO and founder Tony Tinh: “A good person has good values and ethics. A good company has good staff and good partners to serve good clients”. This message fully represents all aspects of the Group including core values, corporate culture, mission, staff, internal and external relationships. 

Good people are manifested in their kindness, generous spirit as well as actions, and their consideration for others. Their prominent qualities are honesty, humility, fairness, responsibility, empathy, etc. Those are good values that establish their credibility and relationships with people from the same moral background, thereby getting more opportunities in life.

IMM Group’s strategy is to build a staff with good ethical qualities, which form the foundation for our group’s sustainable development. We build up trust with clients and partners by showing our core values ​​such as straightforwardness, transparency, positivity, understanding, sharing, and the fact that we always accompany them in any circumstances.

All the departments of IMM Group operate in accordance with the law, and uphold honesty as well as integrity in all transactions. For our clients, we always listen to them attentively and regard them as our family members  who should be provided with the most beneficial service. For our partners, we build a relationship with a high level of integrity, sharing mutual benefits and contributing to bringing the best service to our clients. And for the community, we always have a great awareness of contributing to social development.

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