Emotional explosion at year end party – 2016

“I have a feeling that this is not a company trip but a family trip with full of love. There is no gap between the boss and the employee, but the close friendship instead. We all laughed and talked a lot of things, did a lot of funny poses when taking selfie, travelled around Penang to explore the high mountains, beautiful blue sea, etc. Certainly, these beautiful memories will be recorded in the diary about IMM Group – my second family” (Ms. Jane _ Consultant Team). IMM Group: “On the night of the Year End Party, we and our team performed a dance performance that we rehearsed for only two weeks. At the stage, we were worried but when the lights came on, the music turn on, everything became exciting.  Finally, the performance went well. We received a lot of praise from the boss and our colleagues. Through this party, I also learned more about my colleagues who seem to be serious in daily life but turn out to be extremely warm and humorous”. (Ms. Anna – File Processing Team). Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016The above-mentioned is only a few of IMM Group’s members’ feelings about the Company Trip combined with Year End Party held in Penang, Malaysia. This is an annual activity to connect the members’ emotions, review the achievements and prepare for the upcoming journey. Sharing his opinions at the Year End Party, Mr. Tran Van Tinh (The Founder – CEO of IMM Group) could not hide his pride when witnessing the development of IMM Group from a company with only one member to a corporation with dozens of employees. He partially achieved the goal of building IMM Group into a place, where employees can grow and work together with joy and stand by each other with a smile. He complimented IMM Business Travel on the new developments, showing positive signs of sales in 2017. He also gave compliments and admiration for IMM Immigration – North Branch when the office can self-manage the finance and signaling for a more successful new year. On this occasion, Mr. Tran Van Tinh sent a special gift to two employees who made important contributions to the development of IMM Group. One of the honorable individual is Ms. Pham Thi Minh (Ms. Michelle – File Processing Team), who has been with IMM Group since the early days and continues to accompany, devotes her best. The other is Ms. Uyen Vy (Ms. Lilley – File Processing Team) because of the sincere suggestions on management and operation of the company for its development. After the sharing of sincere feelings and future plans of Mr. Tran Van Tinh for the whole group, the night officially began with a lot of exciting performances. The employees chose their own music, ideas, expressions or even group uniform. The most notable performance was the flash-mob of the Hanoi Team, the Thai people dance of Team 2 or the love song duet from Team 3. Although it was not really professional, the simplicity brought the cozy and close feeling to everyone. Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 It is an honor for IMM Group to welcome its partners, 8th Bridge Capital,  who flew half of the globe from U.S. just to join us for our year end party. This shows our business partnership not only for business but with full trust of friendship and profoundly engaged in people relationship for sustainability. Before the show ended, our partner, 8th Bridge Capital surprised the audiences with an impromptu performance on background music of “Bang Bang Bang” – a K-Pop hit song. Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 The stage became hotter than ever before as not only the guests, but all the members danced in tune. They are individuals with different perspectives, but on that day, on the night of the Year End Party, all of them are on the same path to building a stronger IMM Group. Some moments of the party: Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016 Emotional explosion at year end party - 2016  

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IMM Group – The one and only Vietnamese Company to be licensed by the Goverment of Grenada

Only companies with Governmental license are allowed to market and promote the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program to customers.

Video – Coming home for Tet – The Unforgettable Year End Party of IMM Group

“Coming home for Tet”, the year-end party happened warmly at IMM Group Building on February, 5th 2021.

Video – The Christmas Party 2020 in IMM Building

The Christmas Party 2020 was warmly organised in IMM Building. A grateful occasion to spend time together, wish for a good year ahead.

Video – IMM Group Team Building 06/2019 Ninh Binh Together We build IMM Society

IMM Group Team Building 06/2019 Ninh Binh Together We build IMM Society

Video – Event: “The Best Gateway to Europe” 11 & 12.05.19 – IMM Group & Arton Capital

IMM Group: This event was organised in Vietnam by IMM GROUP and ARTON CAPITAL, the international immigration investment company authorised by 11 countries.

The first 7 Vietnamese investors and their families became global citizens through the event “The Best Gateway to Europe”

IMM Group and Arton Capital held the event successfully in both HCMC on May 11th and Hanoi on May 12th with 7 investors signed up to participate in EU citizenship investment program right at the event.

IMM Group and Arton Capital introduce 2 investment programs for Vietnamese people to obtain European citizenship

IMM Group collaborate with Arton Capital introduce to Vietnamese investors 2 programs to obtain EU citizenship permanently within only 6 months to 2 years.

Video – Exhibition & Selling Australian Nationwide Real Estates 20.04.2019

Reaching 1,600 registrations to the event and consulting inquiries, in Ho Chi Minh City, April 20th, 2019, the event was successfully hosted by IMM Group, Spire Property and 7 remarkable Australian developers. This is a part of the collaboration strategy between IMM Group and significant worldwide partners in order to open great opportunities for Vietnamese investors.

Journey to Taiwan – Part 1: Explore Formosa, the beautiful island of Asia

In order to look back on a hard-working year and tighten the relationship of IMM family, IMM Group holds company trips to Taiwan for all members.

Journey to Taiwan – Part 2: Year End Party – IMM Family’s reunion

In order to look back on a hard-working year and tighten the relationship of IMM family, IMM Group holds company trips to Taiwan for all members.

Video – IMM Group Company Trip 2018 – An Awesome Journey in Taiwan

IMM Group company trip in the spring of 2019, discovering the beauty of Taiwan, enhancing the togetherness of IMMers. The milestone of our culture before turning from "IMM Group family" into "IMM Group society". 

8 leading Australian real estate companies landed into the Vietnamese market

IMM Group represented 8 large Australian real estate and their projects located in or next to central business district to Vietnamese investors.

Video – Exhibition & Selling Houses of the U.S. nationwide 16.03.2019

Exhibition & Selling Houses of the U.S. nationwide in March 16, 2019, IMM Group, the official Vietnamese representative of Lennar International in Vietnam, take our pride of opening the opportunities for Vietnamese investor to the U.S. Property.

IMM Group in partnership with Lennar shaped the way for Vietnamese people into real estate in America

On March 16th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. IMM Group and Lennar held a Trade Fair for Real Estate all over the United States.

Video – IMM Group Xmas 2018

The party was thrown for all IMM Group’s members on December 21, 2018, at IMM Group Building.We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new years 2019.

Video – The Champions League of Friendship 2018

IMM Group: The annual soccer tournament organized by IMM Group takes place in Ho Chi Minh City, for semi-professionals from 8 companies which are partners of IMM Group.

IMM Group International Real Estate & Citizenship 2018 (IRC) Gala Dinner – where Vietnamese Investors gathers for global investment opportunities

On September 22, 2018, IMM Group successfully hosted the Gala Dinner: International Real Estates & Citizenship 2018 (IRC 2018) in HCMC.

Video – IMM Group Team Building in Vinh Long, October 2018

On October, 2018, IMM Group's members enjoyed an exciting team building themed "TEAM - Together Excel Achieve More" in Vinh Long. With the concept of "Southern Vietnam countryside", IMMers had a chance to explore the culture and gain the togetherness experience.

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