The first 7 Vietnamese investors and their families became global citizens through the event “The Best Gateway to Europe”


IMM GROUP: 2019 is a vibrant year of foreign investment market in Vietnam. Only within the first 6 months of the year, following the strategy of bringing large corporations from the United States, Australia, Europe to Vietnam to introduce investment opportunities, IMM Group held 7 large successful events all over the country. Each event attracted 1,500 registrations on average and helped many Vietnamese investors choose the most suitable program for their family.

The most recent event, “The Best Gateway to Europe” took place on May 11th in Ho Chi Minh city and on May 12th in Hanoi. IMM Group in collaboration with Arton Capital – IMM’s strategic partner, provided 3 options for investors to obtain the powerful passport into Europe and more than 150 nations all over the world. Both of the large corporations have had more than a decade of experience specializing in migration in Vietnam as well as all over the world. They collaborated to build and complete the exclusive investment track for Vietnamese people. This track commits to provide solutions that are absolutely safe, fast, easy and economical for investors’ family succession plan.

Customers joined in the exhibition space, luxurious conference and personal consulting area in which their concerns were responded by the specialists.

Bulgaria, Montenegro & Grenada – 3 diamonds to own the most powerful passport in the world

At the conference area, the senior representatives analyzed investment opportunities that create many values that cannot be purchased by money.

At the event, according to Dr. Oleg Marinov – Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic Bulgaria, Head of the Bulgarian Commercial and Economic Office in Ho Chi Minh city, when investing in the investment program to Bulgaria with the unique investment strategy provided by IMM Group, investors will definitely obtain permanent EU citizenship for the whole family, gaining right to live in United Kingdom, France, Italia, Germany, Netherlands and travelling freely to other 100 countries with the investment of 7 billion VND. This program is regarded as a precious diamond due to its absolute safety, facile requirements and approval from the government. IMM Group provided a track that is much more superior than any other solutions presenting in the market. Investors are able to manage their investment capital and divide their investment time into twice. The track also comprises the way to invest in capital protection and conditions for 100% reimbursement in case of changing laws. Most of the other European programs only provide travelling visa or permanent residency; hence, Bulgaria program completely outweighs all of these because it provides citizenship for investors and their descendants within only 2 years and with the lowest investment rate. This program has been implemented in many years, but exclusively in this year, Bulgaria government creates a lot of easier requirements to attract investors. Migration experts consider this program a good chance and also the easiest way to acquire EU citizenship. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the program will gain enough applications and will be finished at the beginning of next year.

Dr. Oleg Marinov – Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Head of Bulgarian Commercial and Economic Office in HCMC is willing to meet and share with IMM Group’s investors.

About the investment program to Montenegro, Mr. Milos Stojanovic, Vice Senior President of Administrative Council of Arton Capital, personally introduced this investment option to IMM Group’s investors. He said that this is the newest program from Montenegro government and Vietnam is one of the first nation to approach this opportunity. What attracts investors most is that once owning permanent Montenegro citizenship, investors and their family will obtain EU citizenship in 2022, and they also have enough conditions to apply for American visa to have enough rights of American citizens. This program provides a very good chance to own at a time all passports and citizen rights in most of the developed countries in the world. Hanoi investors feel very assured and interested in the investment of 9 billion VND to travelling real estate appointed by Montenegro government. Located in Southeast Europe, Montenegro has its economy developed mostly by tourism, and this is also a country having the fastest speed of economic development all over Europe. In addition to the citizenship value, investors are also able to utilize it to invest and accumulate more assets in foreign countries. Arton Capital is one of the only 3 representatives all over the world appointed by Montenegro government to implement this program. Mr. Milos Stojanovic is among those who assist Montenegro government initially approve each application for the program.

Mr. Milos Stojanovic, Vice Senior President of Arton Capital Administrative Council, is also the one who has the right to initially approve each investment file into Montenegro.

Grenada program is intrinsically not an investment program to Europe, but it is included in the event in order to provide another good saving option for investors who aim to travel freely among 115 countries. Together with Montenegro, Grenada is one of the restricted programs that allow investors to obtain visa with the rights of American citizens. With the investment of 6 billion VND into the lucrative project, investors also have the ability to own more assets in foreign country for their back-up plans. The actual investment fee is $50,000 USD for a 4-member family (approximately 1,2 billion VND), which makes Grenada become one of the cheapest investment programs in the market. Mr. George Eid, Vice President of Business Development of Arton Capital, personally meet and consult for each Vietnamese customer, help them analyze their investment plan carefully.

Mr. George Eid, Vice Senior President of Business Development of Arton Capital, emphasizes the importance in Grenada program is to help investors obtain passport to live and gain rights of American citizens.

Meet the senior leaders from IMM Group & Arton Capital

The last event was also the milestone marking the strategic partnership between IMM Group and Arton Capital. Arton Capital is a corporation having experience of more than 10 years working in migration and has gained trust from more than 11 countries all over the world. The leader of Arton Capital, Mr. Armand Arton appeared on May 11th in Ho Chi Minh city and he exclusively came to IMM Group to make a speech and show his willingness to collaborate with Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony) – President of IMM Group. IMM Group and Arton Capital together will implement the programs mentioned earlier and design a unique track suitable to solve investors’ problems. Mr. Oleg, Deputy Ambassador of Bulgaria will meet all investors who already booked appointment with IMM Group to help respond to their concerns about owning EU citizenship permanently after 2 years. The senior representatives of Arton Capital have constant working schedule in Vietnam to directly meet and provide special offers for investors who signed the contract with IMM Group.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) – Chief Operating Officer of IMM Group (left) 
And Mr. Armand Arton – President, Founder of Arton Capital (right) shook hands indicating sustainable partnership between two large corporations

In reply to investors’ trust for IMM Group, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) – Chief Operating Officer of IMM Group announced to particularly give the discount package worth of 10,000 EUR (approximately 265 million VND) to each signed contract along with many other special offers.

Many customers in Ho Chi Minh city are particularly interested in Bulgaria program at the in-depth consulting area.
Hanoi customers enthusiastically raised many questions about how to own real estate when investing in Montenegro program.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) cheerfully announced that 7 Vietnamese investors together with their family seized this large opportunity and decided to join in this program right at the event. It is evident that investors in Ho Chi Minh city as well as in Hanoi are very sensible to realize the investment potential. Since the moment of signing contract, within only 6 months to 2 years based on each program’s requirement, these investors and their family are able to take pride in their second nationality, having many privileges in addition to the powerful passport. Particularly, investor’s children when studying overseas will receive standard privileges as native people. They are able to pay preferential tuition fee, no need to apply for extending their visa, enjoy special medical services and tax incentive programs such as double tax exemption. “Owning the powerful passport and becoming global citizens give investors the pride to have any place in the world as their home. They could completely abolish country barriers, nationalities and be able to enjoy the actual value of the freedom for the whole family through many generations”, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) concluded in his speech.

From the left is Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh (John) – Chief Operating Officer of IMM Group;
Mr. Milos Stojanovic – Vice Senior President of Administrative Council of Arton Capital;
Mr. Armand Arton – President, Founder of Arton Capital; 
Mr. George Eid – Vice Senior President of Business Development of Arton Capital;
Ms. Dang Hong Ngoc (Lynn) – Product Development Expert of IMM Group;
Mrs. Leena Motwani – Vice President of Administrative Council of Arton Capital;
And Dr. Oleg Marinov – Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria took picture at the event in Ho Chi Minh city.

Mrs. Vu Thu Trang – Director of Operations of IMM Group in Northern region (the third person from the right) together with partners from Arton Capital at the event in Hanoi.

IMM Group 




IMM Group – The one and only Vietnamese Company to be licensed by the Goverment of Grenada

Only companies with Governmental license are allowed to market and promote the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program to customers.

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