IMM Group and M&D Regional Center join hands to promote educational opportunity for unfortunate children


On the 13th and 14th of November 2015, IMM Group has organized a volunteer program called “Mong em đến trường” (Hope you stay with schooling) in the town of Binh Minh, Vinh Long Province. The program was designated by IMM Group, in collaboration with M & D Regional Center.

 IMM Group: Being considered as a place which experience the most difficult economic conditions in Vinh Long Province, Cai Von Town, Thuan An and Binh Dong communes are witnessing a very high dropout rate. According to provincial statistics, there are about 2.24% of secondary school students, annually, are forced to give up their educational dream due to financial difficulties.

As a son of Binh Minh Town, more than anyone else, Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Chairman of IMM Group) understand the difficulties and hardness that the students in his hometown are facing. In many previous volunteer program, he and his family had also given gifts to hundreds of families living in difficult circumstances, elderly people in Vinh Long Province.

Continuing the goal of building a series of voluntary activities for IMM Group, this year, Mr. Tinh and his collective employee has organized a charity programs to support unfortunate students in the town of Binh Minh. With the message “Hope you stay with schooling” he himself as well as the collective employee of IMM Group placed a lot of hope in being able to motivate the student to pursuit their dreams of learning and becoming worthy individuals in the future.

In addition, the program also received the cooperation from M & D Regional Center, one of the best regional centers designated in EB-5 program in the USA. With the total funding of 102 million, 510 scholarships each worth VND 200,000 were given to unfortunate students at Cai Von Town’s secondary schools and a numbers of other primary schools in Binh Minh Town.

At the event, Mr. Tinh shared that he himself has previously encountered many difficulties in life. However, being self- motivated, he devoted his time and effort in to education and changed his life. The story of his days of selling lottery tickets, making tofu in order to sustain his educational goal has successfully inspired many students in Binh Minh Town.

The representatives of Cai Von Town Secondary School also awarded Mr.Tinh and his collective employee of IMM Group the certificate of gratitude and recognition for their contribution to the good of educational purposes.

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