IMM Group Corporate Video 2018

IMM Group was established in Jan, 2005. Vietnamese leading business in consultancy investment for permanent residency and citizenship. Services include immigraton investment (USA, Australia, Canada, Europe), diversifying investment portfolios for financial security (foreign property, funds…) and making financial family legacy plans. IMM FDI Services connects foreign companies to do acquisition & merging in Vietnam.


“Have Yourself A Happy Little Tet” – IMM Group’s first charitable campaign of 2018

On February 10, 2018, when many families in Vietnam were busy with preparations for Tet – Vietnam’s Lunar New Year holiday – the charity team of IMM Group visited the rural commune of Ninh Quoi in Hong Dan District, Bac Lieu Province in southern Vietnam on a mission to bring Tet to 150 local students who live in poverty.


“Together, we build a great team!” – IMM Group ended 2017 with another successful team building activity

On 18th – 19th Nov, 2017, IMM Group held the team building activity named “Together, we build a great team” in Suoi Mo Park, Dong Nai Province. All of IMM’s employees and partners had the opportunity to enjoy quality time with each other, take part in exciting team building activities and experience remarkable moments.


IMM Team Building 2017 – Break all the limits

The IMM Team Building 2017, an annual event to strengthen the team spirit of IMM’s staff, was held at Saigon Outcast. Compared with the Team Building 2016, the number of participants this year was nearly doubled, which revealed the significant growth of IMM Group. Representatives from IMM Group’s partners such as Eighth Bridge Capital, the US; Leptos Estates, Cyprus; and Belle Property International, Australia also participated in this challenge.


A poor tofu boy gives advice for startups

“If you want to build a startup, with only passion, it will be stuck, going around and around. That passion is temporary: Today you go for one thing, tomorrow it would turn to another. Passion must go along with motivation to become strong.  Pressure and challenges can mold that passion into success”. This is the sincere philosophy of Mr. Tran Van Tinh, Founder and CEO of IMM Group.

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